Company Profile

The history of Matapel Chemicals started in the year 1982 where the founders attained the pigment preparation manufacturing plant and the entire operation at Mandom. It was on 18th May 1985 that the founders organized and incorporated PT. Mata Pelangi Chemindo which started as pigment manufacturer.

In order to expand the business, Matapel Chemicals opened the trading division under the name of PT. Mata Pelangi Tradindo in the year 2000.

Currently Matapel Chemicals become one of the leading chemical companies in Indonesia which excels in manufacturing pigments and silicone emulsions. As the trading company, Matapel Chemicals excels in coating industries, fiberglass industries and silicone products for many industries especially textile industries. Besides those industries, Matapel Chemical also involved in other industries such as plastic, rubber, food, agriculture, etc. Matapel Chemicals market area consists of domestics and export. With 3 branches in Indonesia, Matapel Chemicals able to supply to all Indonesia area.

Matapel Chemicals success are driven by our people and their commitments to get best results by operating with full understanding and responsibility. Matapel Chemicals focus on innovation to serve our customers with better technology, diversity to ease and comfort our customers due to our broad range of products, versatility to make products that can be used in broad range of industries.

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