Plastic and Rubber
Matapel has several products that can serve in plastic and rubber industries such as fashion pigments, inorganic pigments, organic pigments, pigment preparation, silicone oil or polydimethylsiloxane, additive, carbon black, and thixotropic agent.

Fashion pigments : Special effect pigments such as fluorescent colors, pearlescent colors, phosphorescent colors and glitter.

Inorganic pigments : Matapel has range of products of Inorganic pigments such as Chrome Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Encapsulated Silica, Iron oxide, Molybdate Orange, Titanium Dioxide, Ultra Marine Blue, Umber and Zinc Ferrite Oxide

Organic Pigments : Matapel has many range of products of Organic pigment ex China and India including High performance organic pigments, High purity iron oxide from Cathay pigments.

Uniplast : is a range of no‐solvent pigment pastes, mainly for synthetic PVC leather coloring and also for some PU leather applications.

Unipol UR : pigment pastes illustrated in this Technical Service Card were specially selected because of their suitability for the coloration of flexible, semi-rigid, rigid, and integral skin polyurethane foams, either polyether or polyester systems

Silicone oil or polydimethylsiloxane : Matapel widely used as a lubricant and has many uses in many industries such as textile, automotive, health care, personal care, home care, electronic, metal working, agriculture etc. High viscosity silicone oil can be used in speedometer.

Additives : Matapel has range of products of additives such as Antifoam mineral & Silicon based, Dispersing agent, Optical Brightening Agent, Surface control both for water based and solvent based paints.

Carbon Black : Black pigment can be used for Black color paints.

Thixotropic Agent : Matapel Thixotropic agent is from Wacker (HDK N20) is applied as a thickening and thixotropic agent in many organic systems, e.g. in unsaturated polyesters, coatings, printing inks, adhesives, cosmetics and others. It is used as a reinforcing filler in elastomers, mainly silicone-elastomers. HDK N20 acts as a free flow additive in the production oftechnical powders, in food and feed and in pharmaceutical products.

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