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Pigment Paste
The pigment pastes are basically grouped into three systems:
water-based, water-solvent based and solvent-free solvent based. The applications cover industries such as Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics(FRP), water-based and solvent-based paints, button, decorative plywood, synthetic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyurethane (PU) leathers, rigid and flexible Polyurethane foams, authentic/animal leather finishings, textile printing, soaps, OPP tape and inks.

Its first and initial product, so called MATAPEL UNIPOL, was actually invented same 20 years ago,yet already solvent and user friendly, UNIPOL has been serving the fiberglass industry since then. FRP industry was the first area served by PT MATA PELANGI.

Nowadays, its market share in this area is about 90%. Strengthened by alliances with several local companies that manufacture raw materials for FRP industry, PT MATA PELANGI has positioned itself as the most complete supplier of FRP raw materials, providing anything from mold release agent, unsaturated polyester resin, liquid dyestuff, etc

To expedite synthetic PVC and PU leather manufacturing and to yield better dispersion result, solvent-free MATAPEL UNIPLAST was innovated. Since its first debut, it has made coloring of synthetic leather a lot simpler and faster with a lot better result and pigment efficiency.

Much of the direction and growth in the paint and coatings industry in recent years has been driven by developments in major product areas. Increasingly environmental legislation to reduce VOC emissions
has resulted in growth across all non-solvent coating areas.

To specifically answer this requirement the solvent-free MATAPEL UNICOAT and the water-based MATAPEL UNIQUA were introduced to the coating markets.
In the booming textile industry in Indonesia, PT MATA PELANGI participates in supplying pigment dispersions for textile printing applications. Though newly introduced to the market, MATAPEL UNITEX has gained popularity with increasing market share in just a short time due to its attractive selection of colors, color strength, color brightness and its high pigment content.

In rigid and flexible Polyurethane foams industry, MATAPEL UNIPOL UR is being used as the colorant.
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